Lana & Evgeny, Thornhill write...
"Thank you for making an amazing cake for our daughter Valerie's birthday.  She is a fan of Hello Kitty (for the time being) so it was a hit!  Every kid was over excited to get a piece."  E.S.

Jay in Thornhill wrote...
"We enjoyed Penny's cupcakes at a party last week. They were designed so adorably that I saved the top (fondant face) as a 'souvenir' and just ate the cupcake bottom which was as delicious as the best cake anywhere. Great work Penny; thank you."  J.M.

Tony in Thornhill said...
"A cake can be just a cake or it can be made into a theme that has a special meaning for the person receiving it! Then the "icing"on the cake is the incredible taste of Penny's baking talent.!"    T.N.

Lisa in Toronto says...
"The doggie cupcakes for my child's birthday party were so adorable!  The variety of doggie breeds allowed each child to choose there own special one.  They were too delicious to treasure for long. Delivered with efficiency and care."  L.W.

Zohreh, Concord said...

"Penny helped make both my daughter and husband's birthdays a complete success.  Her cakes captured the emotion that I had intended and also tasted great!  I would deifinitely recommend Penny's work to anyone who is looking to add an unexpected surpise to any special occassion."  Z.A.

Jaclyn in Thornhill wrote...
"Penny's cake was fun, delicious and innovative. Guests were complimenting on it all night long.  It made my birthday celebration one to remember." J.S.

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