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About Me

Hi, I'm Penny. I love to create custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes for my family and friends. Now you can ask me to make a custom creation for you too.

Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design, I have worked in a variety of different media and I find making edible fondant creations to be the most fulfilling.  When I saw different cake decorating shows I knew I had to get started.  I have been fortunate to meet two most inspiring Television Cake Decorators - Buddy the  "Cake Boss" and Duff the "Ace of Cakes".    I understand the passion they have, because I feel it too.​

There is nothing like seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they receive the creation I made just for them or their loved ones.  It is priceless to know you can bring such happiness to someone, after creating a cake that reflects their hobby or profession.

I enjoy what I do and I would be happy to create a cake, some cookies or cupcakes for you too.


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